Free Webinar: Diabetes Outcomes Improvement Initiative

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Centerprise is hosting a FREE webinar: Diabetes Outcomes Improvement Initiative

In response to HRSA’s prioritization of improving clinical outcomes for those at risk for diabetes, currently diagnosed with diabetes and those with co-occurring conditions, Centerprise has developed a comprehensive set of strategies, services and tools to support organizations in their efforts toward outcomes achievement. Centerprise’s approach maintains a strong focus on optimizing resources, aligning priorities and interventions, achieving meaningful and quantifiable outcomes across all aspects of health center care delivery - Clinical, Quality, Operational, Financial. Whether you are a health center, PCA, HCCN or other Technical Assistance NCA, join us for a webinar introducing the work that CTP has developed to assist you in achieving this goal.

Save the Date:

Please join us on February 28th at 2pm EST for a brief webinar that will introduce and outline how Centerprise can partner with your organization to promote these crucial outcomes and improvements. (To receive the webinar invite, email: