Community Care Network of Virginia Reference Quotes

Reference Letters

CCNV- Community Care Network of Virginia, Inc

Reference quotes from CEO Rene Cabral-Daniels:

  • “Jennifer Calohan has exceeded the very high expectations I had for her in leading efforts to fulfill CCNV’s goal to “make quality outcomes possible.” CCNV is a health center controlled network with 26 FQHCs. I have watched her elevate CCNV’s ability to provide services of value to network participants. As a result, CCNV’s goodwill has likewise been elevated. Her strategic approach to roadblocks result in paved roads for CCNV staff to traverse. Her greatest asset is her ability to quickly understand complicated issues coupled with her hard work ethic she employs toward resolution. Jennifer’s efforts have resulted in a number of CCNV successes. Her pedagogical approach means CCNV need not rely on her skills in perpetuity as we elevate internal staff skill sets. In closing, she is an incredible asset who has not only allowed CCNV to make quality outcomes possible for network participants, but who has taught CCNV staff how to remain a valuable partner to its network members.”
  • "I am so looking forward to this! You have been a highlight of 2017! Not only are you a great professional who has elevated CCNV’s quality data activities but you are just a wonderful person. Look forward to working closer with you and Centerprise."