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Education and Training Services

Centerprise Consultants offer customized education and training programs for various audiences ranging from practice staff to practice leadership/Board and to State and National Associations.  Those that have experienced training and education programs by Centerprise Consultants have this to say about their experience:

“We believe that the training provided can play a vital role in achieving the quadruple aim of improved outcomes, better patient experience, lower costs and better clinician satisfaction. We are grateful to have had this training brought and disseminated to our CHCs and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Ms. Nielson.” ~Robert Hirokawa, DrPH, CEO Hawaii PCA

"I was so amped after your morning session, [I was] ready to take on the world." ~Amy Bastianelli  Director of Population Health, La Comunidad Hispana (After hearing Jen Calohan, V.P. speak on Meaningful Patient Engagement through Technology, at the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers Fall Conference 2017)

Target Audiences:

Sample Topics:

Introducing Centerprise Institutes and Bootcamps

Centerprise Learning Institute:

The Centerprise Learning Institute provides ongoing opportunities for Practice staff and PCA/HCCN staff to receive remote, continuous education on topics related to high performance sustainability within today’s environment.  Through enrollment in the institute, participants are able to select session specific attendance to maximize alignment and understanding among all staff within the organization.  At the current time, Centerprise Learning Institute is conducted remotely through a combination of webinars and office hours which provide for an interactive, personalized training opportunity.


Centerprise offers Primary Care Associations, Health Center Controlled Networks and other Networks the opportunity to have a Centerprise consultant provide a face to face, topic specific intensive training for its members. These bootcamps are typically 2 days with the opportunity for follow up webinars and office hours to address issues that arise after participants are given an opportunity to implement the lessons learned.  Bootcamps can be held in Cincinnati, OH or at the customer’s preference of location.  Sample Bootcamp Topics include:

We have already conducted several Webinars, Bootcamps, and Conference Speaking Engagements in 2017! Click Here to view all of the topics we have already covered. In order to better suit your Health Center's needs, all topics can be modified, to broaden or restrict the content covered. You can also view our calendar of events on our News page "Where are We." 

**HIPAA Compliance: Since Centerprise, Inc. works with Health Centers across the nation its important we practice and are knowledgeable on HIPAA Compliance. To view our certificate, please click here.